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Parcel Receiving in Blaine, WA

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Why Parcel Receiving?

There are 3 main reasons many Canadians choose a Parcel Receiving service:


- The number of different products in the US Market is significantly greater than in Canada
- Some Online vendors won’t ship to Canada due to the complexity of international shipping


- Many websites offer Free Shipping to US Addresses
- Expensive international shipping
- Some products are cheaper in the US than in Canada


- 1-3 Day US domestic shipping
- Frequent customs clearance delays into Canada

Our Package Receiving Services Include:

  • Signing for your shipments when they arrive
  • Recording packages in our Package Receiving Management system
  • Notification via email when you have a package ready to be picked up
  • Safe and secure storage of packages until you pick them up – at your convenience!
  • A US Street address for all your business or personal needs

Parcel Receiving Membership


Mailbox Membership


Parcel Receiving Annual Membership – $15.00


Small – 1-29lbs – $3.50/Parcel

Medium – 30-49lbs – $5.50/Parcel

Large – 50-99lbs – $7.50/Parcel

XL – 100-149lbs – $12.50/Parcel

Pallet – $35.00/Pallet

“No Locker” Package – Starting at $5.50/Parcel

Tires – $5.50 



Mailbox Membership Fee - See Mailbox Rental Page


Small – 1-29lbs – $3.00/Parcel

Medium – 30-49lbs – $5.00/Parcel

Large – 50-99lbs – $7.00/Parcel

XL – 100-149lbs – $12.00/Parcel

Pallet – $30.00/Pallet

“No Locker” Package – Starting at $5.00/Parcel

Tires – $5.00



The physical address to use is:
First and last name
1685 H Street # (Box Number)
Blaine, WA 98230 

Please note the following terms for our parcel-receiving service:
– Fees include automatic email notification when your package is ready to be picked up.
– We accept deliveries from UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Amazon, and all Freight Carriers!
-Storage fees are charged after 30 days once we receive your package. After 30 days we charge $0.30 cents per day for standard items and $0.60 cents per day for medium, large and XL packages. 
– MBI is not responsible for parcels left over 180 days (6 months) without prior arrangements.
– Any package that is not in a shipping box has a minimum fee of $5.50 (Tires, Leaf Springs, Buckets, etc.).
– If one package dimension exceeds 72″, the package will be qualified as a Medium size. If one exceeds 82″, it is a Large. If one side exceeds 120″, it is an XL.
– A package is considered “No Locker” if two dimensions are greater than 22″ or one is greater than 82″ and must be picked up during our regular business hours. 
-Pallet storage fees are $2.00 USD per day after 7 days. 

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