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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is the difference between a “Mailbox Account” and a “Parcel Receiving Account”?

A: A Mailbox Account is for receiving letter mail in addition to packages. It is required to come in person with two forms of Government ID, one that contains a photo in order to set up this type of account. There are 3-, 6- and 12-month box rental options. We do not inform you when letter mail is received, unless it arrives certified, or with tracking, then you will be notified by email, and it is treated as a parcel and will have parcel receiving fees.

A Parcel Receiving Account can be created online, or in person. There will be a form 1583 to fill out the first time that you come into the store. This form is required by USPS, along with one Government photo ID authorizing MBI to accept packages in your name. It is a $15 USD membership fee that will be due annually on the same day each year (the date that the account was originally created). There are parcel receiving fees for each package based on size and weight. Once a package has arrived at our location, you will receive an email notification to the address we have on file.


Q: What does my membership include?

A: Your membership with Mail Boxes International includes parcel receiving (per package prices apply), email notification of package arrival, package forwarding (additional fees apply), overnight lockers ($2 fee in addition to parcel receiving fees apply), garbage and recycling, the use of supplies such as knives, scissors and tape at no additional charge, printing labels, Wi-Fi, and FedEx/UPS/USPS prepaid label carrier drop-offs.


Q: Does my membership fee automatically renew? How do I renew my membership?

A: No, we do not automatically renew your membership. You can make a payment in person, in your online account or by phone. If you have credits on your account, you can authorize MBI in person, by phone or email to deduct the amount from your credits to use towards your annual membership fee.


Q: What if I need my package and you are closed?

A: Overnight lockers are available to accommodate you outside of our regular business hours. You pay the same parcel receiving fees as if you were to pick-up in store, but there is an additional $2.00 fee for the locker. You can make this request online in advance. Please note that the locker requests close at 4:30pm Monday through Friday and 3:30pm on Saturdays if you require same day reservation. You must have enough credits in your account for each parcel, the $2.00 locker fee, and any storage charges that have accumulated in order to complete your locker request.  


Q: What is the biggest item I can have put in a locker? 

A: We have many different sized lockers available. Your package cannot exceed 22 inches on two sides or one side longer than 82 inches in order to fit inside our biggest locker. The system will not allow you to select your package if it exceeds our maximum size restrictions. 


Q: Is Mail boxes International a Post Office or a PO Box?

A: Mail Boxes International has a physical address and does not have a “Post Office” designation.


Q: Can I have a large shipment sent to your location?

A: Mail Boxes International can accept shipments of all weights and sizes. Boxes/packages up to 150 pounds can be sent to our 1685 H Street location. Any large and heavy items that exceed 150 pounds or are on a skid or pallet must be sent to our warehouse close by in order to best accommodate you. There are freight charges based on shipment configurations and additional late fees if not picked up within 7 days. Our warehouse is located at 1160 Yew Avenue, Blaine, WA 98230.


Q: How long will you hold my package for?

A: There are no additional fees if your packages are picked up within thirty days. After thirty days, there will be additional storage fees accumulated per package, per day and we will hold packages for six months.


Q: How much are storage fees?

A: After thirty days, there will be additional fees per package, per day. Standard size packages are 0.30/day, larger/heavier packages are 0.60/day. Please note that any freight shipments at our warehouse will incur a $2/day storage charge after 7 days. 


Q: What methods of payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, US/CAD currency, and debit cards as methods of payment.


Q: How do I add someone to my account?

A: You can add anyone to your account as an authorized pick-up person and make changes to your list as needed. This can be done online in your account settings, or by calling or emailing us your request and we would be happy to help you. Only account holders and their spouse can be listed on the account to receive packages in their name.


Q: Do you have a public restroom?

A: Sorry, we do not have a public restroom. There are many options close by that do offer a restroom such as IGA, The Dollar Store, Sinclair Gas Station, and McDonald’s.


Q: Do you have Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, we have Wi-Fi that our customers can connect to while at Mail Boxes International. The Network and password information is listed on our whiteboard located inside our store.


Q: Why can I not connect to Mailboxes International’s Wi-Fi?

A: Once connected to our network, there is a small box to the left of “I accept the terms….” that needs to be checked in order to join.


Q: Can you mail my packages or letter mail to me if I cannot come in person to pick-up?

A: Yes, MBI offers mail and package forwarding. Please email us your request to mbistore@hotmail.com, and we will respond to you with a quote within 1-3 business days. Any international shipping will require a complete description and US value for each item in addition to the shipping address. Payment upfront is required prior to carrier pick-up for each transaction.


Q: How do I reset my password?

A: If you cannot access your online account, please go to “forgot/reset” my password and follow the link on a desktop computer, not a cell phone. If you are still having trouble, please contact us and we will assist you with the reset.


Q: Can I add credits to my account?

A: Yes, there are a couple of different options to accommodate this request. You are able to add funds to your online account in $10.00 increments, in person by Visa, Mastercard, US/CAD currency, or by a credit card over the phone.


Q: What can I use my credits for?

A: You can use them towards any service that we provide. Some examples would be for parcel receiving fees, membership fees, storage fees, locker fees, outgoing shipping and mail/package forwarding.


Q: Do you provide shipping services?

A: Yes, we can ship out domestic or international shipments through FedEx, United Parcel Service (UPS), and United States Postal Service (USPS).


Q: My package says it has arrived, but I have not received an email from Mailboxes International, what should I do?

A: If it has been three or more days since you have received the carrier delivery notification and still have not received an email from MBI, please contact us at 360-332-7678 to investigate this further, thank you.

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