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Mail and Package Forwarding in Blaine, WA

Mail Forwarding


Mail forwarding is an available service for Mailbox Members. You can have your mail sent to you anywhere, any time; either scheduled or at your request!

We forward to international destinations, too!

We ship how you specify:
– Daily, weekly, monthly
– When your mailbox fills
– At your request
– Optional junk mail screening
– Overnight or ground with the carrier of your choice

Please note that we require pre-payment for mail forwarding


Parcel Forwarding


Quick, Safe, Premium Service to Your Doorstep, No Clearance Fee - FedEx Express

Our most premium service is FedEx Priority. This is a 1-2 business day service to help you receive your items quickly and safely. Your package will be delivered straight to your doorstep! After the Shipment arrives at your house, FedEx will send you a bill for Duties and Taxes. One more added benefit of FedEx Express is that there is no clearance fee! We suggest this for the majority of shipments as it provides the greatest service to you, and it’s barely more expensive than FedEx Ground. (At times, it is even cheaper than Ground when taking into consideration the clearance fee!)


Bigger Items, To Your Door, 3-5 Days - FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground, like FedEx Express, is delivered straight to your doorstep. It is slightly cheaper than Express due to the fact that it takes 3-5 business days, and when FedEx sends the Duties and Taxes bill, there is a clearance fee added in there as well. We often suggest this service when the weight of your items is between 40-60 lbs.


Huge Items, Expensive Items, To Your Curb; Duties, Customs Fees Known Beforehand - Freight Shipment

Our least-known service is our Freight Forwarding Service. This is a freight shipment of your items sent directly to your curb. It tends to take around 1-2 weeks to complete the whole process. It is our safest option for higher value and larger items. Unlike FedEx, who gives you a surprise bill with duties, taxes and clearance fees after the shipment has already arrived, they are paid directly to the broker before the shipment is sent.


All quotes & requests must be done through email. We will respond with a quick form to fill out and the total due before quoting (parcel receiving fees, consolidation fees, storage fees, and renewal fees if applicable). 

Domestic forwarding fee: $6.00 USD
International forwarding fee: $25.00 USD


Have A Question About International Shipping?

For more information on international shipping, call 360.332.7678 or click on the button below to send us a message.

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